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Neighbourhood Planning

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Contact us if you want to be involved with any of the Neighbourhood Plan Topic Groups:

Brooke House, High Street, Bracknell RG12 1LL

Tel:   01344 420079


  Click to View / Download pdf file containing more information on our neighbourhood planning, consultation, topic groups and character areas.

Bracknell Town NP Area Designation

An "Application for Designation of Bracknell Town Area" for the purpose of producing a Neighbourhood Plan was sent to Bracknell Forest Council in October 2013.   (View application)

A consultation on the designated area was held and after no objections were received Bracknell Forest Council confirmed the designation of Bracknell Town area in February 2014.   Supporting documents can be found on the Bracknell Forest Council website at

Further information

BFC Press Release 29 Oct 2013:   View / Download  

Govt Guidance doc: key-stages-in-neighbourhood-planning

Bracknell Matters leaflet:   View / Download  

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Our Neighbourhood Plan is being produced by Bracknell Town Council and Bracknell residents.   The purpose is to give our local community more control over future development by producing a planning document with legal status.   If a Bracknell Neighbourhood Plan is produced the local community will have more control over the type, location and function of future development.

A Neighbourhood Plan sets out policies in relation to development and land use for a particular area.   It is a statutory plan used for decision-making on planning applications.   It must work in agreement with the Bracknell Forest Local Plan and national policies, but the Neighbourhood Plan can be used to specify design quality and conserve our heritage and local character in Bracknell.

A Neighbourhood Plan will allow our community to:
  • Decide the types of new homes that are built
  • Influence new infrastructure and leisure facilities to be provided
  • Protect valuable community assets and the built and natural environment in Bracknell
The Neighbourhood Plan becomes part of the local planning framework and forms the basis for determining planning applications in the area.

Why does it matter?   The planning system helps decide what gets built, where and when.   Planning is essential for supporting economic growth, improving people's quality of life, and protecting the natural environment.

The local planning authority (locally this is Bracknell Forest Council) provides support and makes the necessary decisions at key stages of the development of the Neighbourhood Plan.   For example, it will organise an independent examination and a neighbourhood referendum at the end of the process.   The referendum ensures that the local community has the final say on whether a Neighbourhood Plan comes into force in their area.
Follow link to map to see proposed Bracknell Town Neighbourhood Plan area.

Bracknell Town Neighbourhood Plan Timetable

Stages for producing the Neighbourhood Plan Approximate Timescale
1 Collecting the ideas and evidence that will inform the NP from the local community May 2014
2 Using this evidence to develop a vision & objectives for the Bracknell NP June 2014
3 Generating options for Implementation July 2014
4 Producing a Draft NP September 2014
5 Community Consultation of the draft NP to obtain community feedback September 2014 (Ongoing)
6 Publication of the NP for Examination June 2015
7 Independent examination of the NP that we have co-produced July 2015
8 The Referendum in which the community has the final verdict over adoption of the NP September 2015
9 Operating the completed and legal approved Neighbourhood Plan for Bracknell November 2015

Community Involvement in Bracknell Town Neighbourhood Plan

We want to get the entire community involved, to draw on the wide range of local knowledge and ideas to produce a plan that is right for Bracknell and its residents.   Please feel free to communicate and participate as much as possible!   Call us on 01344 420079 or email:


Topic Groups

Our areas of interest have been divided into four main topics:
Environment, Community and Leisure
Economy and Employment
Transport and Infrastructure

Environment, Community and Leisure Topic Group

The development of new houses and employment opportunities in Bracknell needs to be sustainable.   We need to assess how effectively the existing services are meeting the needs of residents.   Local services such as healthcare, education and leisure will needed for the new residents and workers that future development will bring.   If we can identify potential needs now we can make provision to tackle them in our Neighbourhood Plan.   Some of the main questions are:
  • Which buildings and open spaces in Bracknell are most important to the community?
  • How do you rate community services in Bracknell such as health and education?
  • What is missing and what needs to be improved in Bracknell?

Housing Topic Group

It is important to have a clear strategy for housing in Bracknell.   What development do we need?   How will development impact upon the built and natural environment?   This requires a balance between community needs and sustainability.   Some of the main questions on Environment and Housing are:
  • What type of homes should be provided?
  • How should they be designed?
  • What level of housing density do we want in Bracknell?
  • How will new developments impact on our natural environment?
  • Which needs to be protected?

Economy and Employment Topic Group

Which business sectors will be most likely to provide long-term and secure employment in Bracknell?   These will need to be suitable and viable to provide employment for present and future Bracknell residents.   How and where should more jobs be created in Bracknell?   In which business sectors?   Some of the main questions on Employment and Economy are:
  • What type of employment opportunities should we encourage in Bracknell?
  • What are the biggest barriers to growth and sustainability in Bracknell?
  • What are the biggest challenges for local businesses in Bracknell and how can they be addressed?

Transport and Infrastructure Topic Group

Transport and infrastructure needs to be prepared for future development and population.   Where and how can we improve it in a sustainable way?   Some of the main questions on Transport and Infrastructure are:
  • How prepared and suitable are the existing public transport links in Bracknell for future population growth and development?
  • What needs to be improved as a priority and how?
  • How and where should pedestrian routes be improved to encourage walking and cycling within Bracknell?
  • How should the issues of traffic, congestion and parking be addressed?
  • What is the quality of the existing infrastructure in Bracknell and what is missing?

How will the process work?

We propose that residents and others with a stake in the town will provide their ideas and participate through the four Topic Groups, including through a series of consultations.   This will help the Topic Groups to produce a draft version Neighbourhood Plan using local evidence and ideas.   Participation can range from making occasional suggestions to sustained help in the production of the plan.   There is also a Bracknell Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, consisting of residents and councillors and officers of Bracknell Town Council, of Bracknell Forest Council and others who have relevant skills and time to offer.
NP Process equation graphic

What has happened and what have residents said so far?

Every house in Bracknell has received the booklet Bracknell Matters distributed by Bracknell Town Council in March 2014.   It contained a questionnaire on the quality of services, e.g. housing, employment opportunities, leisure facilities, town-centre shops, in Bracknell.   The community feedback from the questionnaire survey is being used to determine what people value and what needs improving.
Some community issues raised in the questionnaire:
The variety and quality of shops in the Town Centre needs improving Regeneration is targeting retail aimed at higher earners in the community
There is a lack of independent and charity shops, a hardware store, toy shop etc in central Bracknell More venues are required to eat and drink in the evening which feel safe – this will bring people into Bracknell in the evening as well as during the day
Lack of convenience stores and pharmacies near large housing estates Housing should have better design to add character to the area
Shortage of affordable housing or opportunities for new young tenants New houses and gardens are too small and also lack adequate parking
Young community members cannot afford to live here, and move away The leisure centres are already busy and need to keep up with growth